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Hoffmann + Hoffmann’s New Website

Check out Hoffmann + Hoffmann’s new WordPress website, which I recently developed. Hoffmann + Hoffmann is a family owned and operated Certified Public Accounting firm based in Chicago. Art Hoffmann has a great deal of experience and has been running his accounting practice since 1986. Hoffmann + Hoffmann provides accounting, tax, payroll and consulting services.

The Hoffmann + Hoffmann site features free downloadable content as well as some great photos from Art’s personal collection. It was a pleasure working with Art, Jeanie and Jim! If you need CPA services, contact Hoffmann + Hoffmann.

Special thanks to Shawn and Tim at P.C. Access Inc. for hosting the website and providing great tech support!

If you like the way WordPress sites look and are interested in making the switch to WordPress, please contact me.

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