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Small and medium size businesses have the same tech support and IT needs as larger companies. All businesses need to keep their computers secure, up to date and free of malware. And these days most businesses require functional, secure and attractive web sites. While smaller companies may not need a full time IT Director (and the additional expense of keeping one on staff), they surely can use the benefit of seasoned advice and direction to help them traverse the maze of software procurement, updates and support. This is where I come in. I left my previous position as an IT Director supporting 135 staff, 10 servers and over 200 desktop and notebook computers to take my “show on the road”. I am excited to offer my years of experience and technical savvy to smaller and medium size businesses on an “as needed basis.” So, I created Dave’s Web and Tech Support LLC and am now open for business. My target markets are small businesses and not-for-profits and I offer special pricing for not-for-profits and their employees. I look forward to working with you.

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