Screenshot of Front Page of Sausagefest .com website.

Sausagefest Is The Sausage Portal For The Free World!

Sausagefest is Sizzling!

The newly redeigned website features great recipes, the latest sausage news, “links” to many great sausage vendors and cutting edge sausage commentary from Kent Antonious, publisher of

Kent Antonious is passionate about sausage! Per his website:

“Sausagefest is about enjoying the diversity and artistic efforts involved in making and eating sausage… As an adult, though not very mature one, he has eaten sausages from Canada to Mexico. He’s eaten sausages in almost all the states of the US.”

The website now features a countdown timer so you’ll always know when the next Sausagefest event will be held!

Another exciting new addition is the Sausage Maker Map. Follow in the footsteps of Kent Antonious or use the Sausage Maker Map to blaze your own sausage trails. The map highlights Sausagefest Approved Sausage Makers as well as the Sausage Pioneers (the Founding Fathers of Sausage). It is interactive and allows you to add your own sausage marker.

The Sausagefest Timeline graphically depicts the storied history of Sausagefest and the Sausagefest Photo Gallery (Antonius Galleria di Salsiccia) is new and improved.

Be sure to visit this educational and entertaining site. Sausagefest 19 is just around the corner so check for updates soon.

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