Udemy Affiliate Program


I’m happy to let you know that Dave’s Web and Tech Support LLC is now a member of the Udemy Affiliate Program!

So what is Udemy? Per their website,

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 40,000 courses taught by expert instructors.

I’ve taken many online courses through Udemy and enthusiastically support and endorse them. You may read more about the courses I’ve taken on my “Education” page. Courses are taught by experienced individuals who are experts in their field. I’ve found that many of these instructors have a true gift for teaching and the courses allow you to ask for help if you get stuck or need clarification. In addition, valuable resources are often included.

These courses are incredibly convenient as well. By its nature, online learning allows you to learn at your own pace and all that’s required is an internet connection. Whether you’re interested in a broad overview of a subject or require in-depth study of a particular topic, there’s probably a course that’s right for you. Not only is pricing is extremely reasonable, there are many free courses! You can’t beat that, right?

Please take the time to visit Udemy, they offer something for everyone!

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